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Regulatory Inspection Outcomes
Adverse Event Reporting Timeliness

Navigating Clinical Trial Regulatory Is Overwhelming

Clinical trial regulatory application is complex and constantly changing—compliance can be difficult and a costly affair, especially for international clinical trials.

  • Challenging global compliance with diverse guidelines
  • Time-consuming adaptation of documents (protocol, ICF, IB, CRF) to new submission rules
  • Prompt reporting needed for Safety (AEs, SAEs, AESI)
  • Risks include Warnings, Terminations, Fines, Convictions, Liabilities for non-compliance
  • Delays affect trial timelines and budgets
  • Added pressure from Regulatory Inspections and Audits

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“Compliments to ACE team timely South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), and Ethics Committee approvals in South Africa.”

– Dr. Vasan – VP Clinical Development, Navitas Clinical Research

Here’s How ACE Research Helps Your Regulatory Approval and Compliance

Proceed With Confidence

Gain in-depth regulatory insights to eliminate risks and delays

Strategic Guidance

Explore optimal regulatory pathways to achieve results.

Efficient Handling

Accurate preparation, submission, and maintenance of IND/ND.

Effective Communication

Engage agencies and KOL, resolve issues, and secure approvals.

Total Compliance

Obtain IP import permits within legal frameworks.

Comprehensive Support

Address compliance issues, reporting and stay updated on guidelines throughout trials.


Do not let regulatory hurdles impede your progress! Contact our team of experts for reliable guidance and support to navigate through the ever-changing regulatory landscape.


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Regulatory Application for Multi-Country Trial in Africa