We provide a regional reach with a localized solution mindset.

Our experienced research experts have a deep understanding of the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory differences across more than 45 countries in which we operate.

We provide you the ability to conduct trials across multiple countries at once, using a single master protocol ensuring:

  • Access to a network of > 1000+ high-enrolling hospitals

  • Faster start-up and regulatory successes
  • A diverse pool of healthy and patient volunteers for  faster recruitment

  • Centralized and efficient oversight and project communication
  • Nimble and flexible solutions to meet your project needs in Africa.

  • Concentrated expertise to optimize your project’s productivity
  • Gain insights and support for entering the African market and achieving competitive growth

Regardless of the country, we’re already established and ready to assist. No introductions required. Let us help you access the patients you need at an affordable cost.


Leverage ACE Research Expertise and Resources to Safely Deliver COVID-19 Clinical Trials


Biological Material Transfer