ACE Research has experienced experts for managing your Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) throughout the life cycle of your clinical trial.

We alleviate the hurdles of IMP importation, cold-chain storage, and dispensing at the site according to the protocol and regulatory requirements.

  • Regulatory Approvals & Import Permits: ACE ensures all approvals are in place before IMP release request

  • Storage, Dispensation, and Accountability ensuring precise IMP distribution and drug accountability.
  • Importer of Record (IOR): we are IOR in 40+ countries.
  • Post-Study Procedures: ACE oversees reconciliation and return or destruction of remaining study drugs in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

ACE Research ensure the import, packaging, and release of IMP and comparator products utilizing US FDA and local country guidelines.


Excellence in IMP Handling and Storage

We guarantee the integrity and reliability of your clinical trial outcomes, even in the face of environmental factors, human error, or logistical challenges.


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