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JOIN OUR TEAM Join our talent network that inspires hope in millions of patients while elevating your career to new heights. Apply Now Apply now and be part of our transformative journey.

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Schedule a Meeting Whether your interest is from the perspective of a patient, physician, investigator, site, CRO, or sponsor, contact ACE Research to learn what we can do together to improve clinical research. Fields marked with an * are required.

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Localized Teams


REGIONAL AND HOME COUNTRY CLINICAL TEAMS Same time zone with sites for cost efficiency, better oversight, and overall quality. Our firsthand knowledge and experiences demonstrate that establishing a greater local presence can improve study performance. At ACE Research, our PMs, CRAs, and regulatory specialists are local and have 5+ years of industry experience. DELIVERING CLINICAL TRIAL SUCCESS WITH LOCALIZED TEAMS ACE Research provides localized teams that enhances participant recruitment, retention, and data quality while reducing costs and regulatory risks. Resilient Research Reliable team for continuous monitoring for quality data and fewer errors. Improved Trust Enhanced trust with sites and Ministry of Health for confidence and buy-in. Better Communication Enhanced trust with sites and Ministry of Health for confidence and buy-in. [...]

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Become an Investigator


JOIN INVESTIGATOR NETWORK As a leading Africa CRO, ACE Research is looking to expand network of research sites and clinical investigator partners across Africa. If you're intrigued in participating in clinical research, we provide the chance to join an accomplished clinical research team. Benefits of Clinical Research Offer new and innovative and potentially lifesaving treatment options to patients locally Increase the service offerings and referrals to your medical practice, and thus increasing competitiveness Contribute to scientific breakthroughs of new therapies that can save or improve lives Create new revenue streams for medical practices and diagnostic service providers Achieve professional advancement and recognition BECOME AN INVESTIGATOR The majority of clinical trial investigators are physicians (MD, DO’s) in practice. You need to [...]

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