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ACE Research is looking to expand our network of investigator partners across Africa. If you're intrigued in participating in clinical research, we provide the chance to join an accomplished Pan Africa clinical research group.

There are many advantages to become a clinical trial investigator, such as the numerous opportunities for professional advancement and recognition, the prospect of additional earnings and the opportunity to ease the development of breakthrough therapies that could positively impact your patients and public health.

As the only Africa niche vaccine, drug and device clinical development services and solutions provider dedicated to helping biotechnology, multinational pharmaceutical companies, universities and not-for-profit organization, ACE Research is Africa regional leader in clinical research. Our team comprise medical, scientists and regulatory expert researchers have made major contributions to the progress of global health research.

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Clinical research offered me a variety of benefits as a physicians, especially when I choose to become investigator partners with ACE Research.

Dr. Joe

My patients are engaged to learn new new treatment options and choices which are comingnext. they want to be part of new solutions.

Dr. Peter

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ACE Research is always seeking to expand our network of principal investigator partners. If you are interested in participating in clinical research, we offer the opportunity to join an accomplished investigative clinical research team.
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