ClinicalRM-Africa is now… ACE Research
November 1, 2016
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ClinicalRM-Africa is now ACE Research…

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

It’s a privilege to be writing to you as the CEO and Co-founder of Africa Clinical Research Management,
Ltd. Today, the company is executing strategies that will allow us to grow further and expand with the
excellent opportunities currently available to us in the market we serve.

As we continue to grow, it is important to note that our services and departments have also grown to
become true entities unto themselves, therefore necessitating a rebranding process with a new logo and
brand name – ACE Research, as well as some in-house structural re-organization. It’s important to clarify
at this point that despite the change of logo and a new brand name, we still maintain our official Name
“Africa Clinical Research Management, Ltd”.

This process is intentional and a deliberate change in strategy intended to streamline our identity in the
market with increased visibility, while defining the high standards of brand equity and reliability
associated with our company. It’s aimed at improving availability of our products/services, as well as
broadening and revitalizing our appeal to the global market and customers.

The new brand will better represent the company, and all services provided by our staff, and also to assist
our clients within the industry to distinguish us and easily identify ACE Research as a reliable and trusted
brand, ultimately leading to greater value.

Our success within this short period since inception in 2014 is a reflection of the quality of our people
and their ability to work together in line with our vision and mission. We aim to generate business value
to our clients, we strive to deliver on our commitments to Advance Global Health Research by providing
quality and innovative clinical research services that accelerate the development of products that
enhance quality of life.

We believe we are well positioned for growth, and will continue to offer First-Rate services to our clients
in-keeping with our new brand name “ACE Research”.

Jacob Odika Apollo, CEO

Africa Clinical Research Management, Ltd (ACE Research)

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