Patient Safety and Data Integrity

Nothing is more important than insuring subject safety during your clinical trial. Our comprehensive monitoring plans, extensive SOPs, and experienced Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) ensure compliance with domestic and international regulations and guidance.Our CRAs have experience working in the medical industry as RNs, LPNs, or MDs and are proficient in managing the development, coordination, and implementation of clinical operations site management.

Our CRAs will assist you in developing and revising your protocols and protocol amendments
Our CRAs will develop monitoring plans
Our CRAs will develop your project scope of work
Our CRAs will develop operations manual
Our CRAs will develop, and maintain clinical trial documents, processes, and systems.

Patient Safety & Data Integrity

ACE Research CRAs work closely with the rest of the clinical team to assure patient safety and data integrity at all times.

Experienced Staff in Sub-Saharan Africa countries
Capacity to trainin clinical site personnel
Experts in development of Monitoring Plan (Including frequency, intensity, and activity)
Experienced conducting Site Qualification, Initiation, and Close-Out
Complete Source Document Verification
Experienced in Regulatory Document Review and Collection
Expertise in Drug Accountability
Investigational Product Accountability

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