Our employees are our valued resource

ACE Research can augment your staff, or become your staff, with its Clinical Trial Teams offering scientific backgrounds that includes PhDs and MD/DO scientist/investigators, research personnel, lab technicians, and administrators to support all aspects of Basic/bench research. When the product is moving toward trial, our people can assist with pre-IND/IDE testing. We have a cadre of regulatory specialists that can assist you with preparing for an IND or IDE. Once the IND or IDE is in hand, ClinicalRM-Africa has a full compliment of professionals to assist with first-in-human trials. ACE Research provides staff for program and project management, protocol development, site selection pharmacokinetics personnel, safety and quality assurance staff, data management personnel, statistical analysts, medical writers, and regulatory specialists. We employ an experienced staff of over 60 multi-disciplinary clinical research and trials professionals and our recruiters have the experience, expertise, and resources to recruit and retain the best and brightest in technical disciplines. In order to quickly accommodate our clients’ needs, we regularly maintain an extensive resource database and continue to add skilled staff to provide a broad range of high-quality services.

Medical Support Staff

ACE Research provides doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, and laboratory personnel to support clinical research projects. Our staff is highly educated, experienced, and knowledgeable in their technical fields.

Scientific Research

ACE Research conducts groundbreaking research in biotechnology. Our staff is thoroughly trained and immunized to work in Biosafety Level (BSL) 2/3/4 laboratories. We provide research and analysis for a variety of biotechnology research projects in biochemistry, microbiology, virology, immunology, molecular biology, veterinary medicine, bacteriology, and toxicology. We also provide knowledgeable research in the areas of psychology and neurology.

In-country Project Support

We provide in-country clinical, scientific, research, and administrative support (including short-term and long-term staffing and logistic support) around Africa. Our travel department specializes in supporting complex Africa trips that sometimes require emergency support. We are not only adept at supporting our clients, supporting our personnel wherever they are around Africa is a high priority. Senior management is briefed weekly on international travel and assignments, and our people abroad have our full support. We have a large pool of monitors that are adept at working internationally and are familiar with regulatory environments in many of the countries where trials are popular.

Administrative Consulting Services

ACE Research provides its clients with experienced administrative personnel that understand the challenges of coordinating and administering geographically dispersed teams. Whether the need is for basic coordination, oversight of document flow, computer specialists, data specialists, event planners, executive administrators, executive assistants, project coordinators, receptionists, and technical writers and editors, ACE Research has experience recruiting and retaining these team members essential to project success.

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